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You make me smile a lot

THESE TWOO <3 hahaha - their comments are just (>◡<)!!!
 Yuzu was only 15!!!!
»Takahashi and Hanyu gathered. Please watch this VTR.
Are you ready? OK?
»What does this laughter mean? Did you feel that scream was interesting?
Please see which timing you laughed in.
»Because I was surprised. Too much video replay.
It repeats itself too much.
I was surprised.
»Why did you laugh?
»I admired the atmosphere that he created.
And the reaction of the audience was splendid.
»Oh, to see it,
you thought that he was great. »It is so.
»Didn’t you merely laugh without thinking? »No.
»Thank you.
»That means that he was embarrassingly hot. (edit:LOLOLOLLLLL)
»I am not so passionate.
»Do you want to become passionate ? more more?
»How did you think of Takahashi?
»He is very articulate.
His skating is marked by charming power of expression, The step was splendid, too.
Besides, it was clean and correct.
I want to make a model of Takahashi.
I want to become good more and yet more. »How did Takahashi think of Hanyu?
»Are you 15 years old? or 16 years old? »I am 15 years old.
»At the age of 15 years old, I was not able to talk like Hanyu.
In a public performance, I was not able to succeed in the quadruple jump, either.
He calmed down very much.
I thought that he was great.
He will acquire experience in the future.
It’s not for me to say, he can aim at the top. »Thank you.
»As for Hanyu, In comparison with my teenage years,
He has a high skill.
In front of a large number of people,
he gave a splendid performance.
He was amazing.
»Thank you.
»This quadruple jump was height,
He really had a beautiful landing positions.
he did it so easily.
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For heltra91, READ THIS GUYS

OK, I’m not a Patrick hater, but this is RIDICULOUS!!! First of all, I don’t care if you wanna share your opinion on starting a union for skaters. Fine, your opinion. BUT then you diss World Team Trophy calling it a STUPID COMPETITION?!

—> “What if my training for next year, an Olympic year, had gone out the window because of a stupid injury at a stupid competition?”

?! Sorry, he sounds like an immature 8 year old. Then comparing himself to other skaters who didn’t compete at WTT2013:

—> “Scott and Tessa were able to get out of it, so were Charlie and Meryl,” says Chan, “because it’s not like going from the top of the team to the bottom of the food chain. My situation is different. Who else of equal value is going to replace me?”

?!?!?! No comment. just no.

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